T H E  P U L L is an online store showcasing carefully pulled creative delights.
every designer + design has been hand picked by our South African born curator, Bridgette + her small team in Miami, FL.
we are committed to bringing exposure to creatives across the globe + are constantly on the hunt. our current focus is on the talents that lie within the continent of Africa, but you'll find some items from other great places + people too! You will also notice that most of our items are ethically made + usually by hand. for the most part each item you purchase is uniquely yours as no two are alike. we also pride ourselves on carrying products that were made with respect to people and the planet - in ethical + safe environments.

we are grateful to take this journey of discovery with you - our supporters + customers.
your opinion is greatly valued, so as we continue to cultivate limited quantities
of goods from all about. please let us know your thoughts.

reach out to us at info@thepull.co
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